Pigments, Paint/Ink, CaCO3, Titanium Dioxide for such kind of minerals Mixing, Grinding, Dispersing


Our “ZO”are produced by Cerium Stabilized Zirconium Oxide with our own technology and experiences.
It would be COST effective high density microgrinding media.
“ZO”beads can be had a excellent wear resistance according to “High” density and hardness both.
Also, ZO beads has ;
* Narrow beads size distribution and gives best grinding efficiency
* Suitable for grinding highly viscous materials / slurry
* Very high wear resistance reduce product contamination
* Best suited for Verticle and Horizontal sand mills, beads mills, basket mills
These performances could be helped to improve not only your efficiency of Grinding / Dispering process
but also could be reduced your electric consumption / production cost both.


Chemical Compositon:ZrO2≒75%、CeO2≒23%
Specific Density:6.1 g/cm3
Vickers Hardness(HV5):1,200

Standard Size: dia. 0.3  0.5  0.7  0.9  1.1  1.3  1.5  1.7  1.9  2.1  2.5  3 mm


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